ielts writing task 2 sample Some universities now offer online courses

online courses ielts writing task 2 some universities. Some universities now offer online courses where people can study online.

Is it a positive or negative development?

Online education is a relatively new trend, and thousands of educational institutions have already used this method to teach courses.

Some negative aspects of this development could not be neglected, but its benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

First and foremost, many universities in developed countries offer online degrees and short courses, and this was only started after proper research.

This study has proven that web-based courses are beneficial to both students and teachers.

The intuitive and structured classes offered in the online course are planned by different university teachers and technical experts to maintain strict quality.

With the extensive use of the internet, it is convenient for people to register for courses without regard to time and distance.

This trend has resulted in thousands of professionals, housewives and seniors continuing their education or taking courses, depending on their interests.

For example, 25,000 housewives in the United States complete their preferred courses and diplomas within a year.

For a large number of housewives and busy professionals, it was impossible to attend traditional classroom-based courses.

Internet-based courses are also easy to follow, and unlike traditional classes, someone can repeat the same class over and over.

That is why many students cite the famous internet-based online course sites Khan Academy, Linda, and Udemy as their preferred learning tools.

Many online technology development courses have helped thousands of young people find careers in the technology field, made possible through Internet-based learning.

The disadvantage of this trend is the lack of an adequate cost of supervision by teachers. Courses offered by prominent universities are often too expensive for poor students to endure.

Teaching guidance and motivation often play a huge role in student success, and online courses are not a substitute for the motivation teachers can provide.

To conclude, the development of technology in education, especially online education, is a big leap into a world without illiteracy and unemployment. online courses ielts writing task 2 some universities are using the internet for their courses.

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