Essay Sample The government spends a lot of money on public events

Ielts essay govt spends a lot of money on public events. The government spends a lot of money on public events such as holidays and public festivals. Some people think that the government spends too much on this and should use it for other useful things.

Agree or disagree?

Celebrating important national events is part of the country’s pride and a way of respecting tradition and history.

Such events help motivate new generations to become patriots and dedication to those who motivated them.

Therefore, the amount spent on such a celebration is justified.

In the first place, public awareness is important regarding the distribution of nationality, and it gives the public reasons to forget their differences and improve their publicity.

The amount spent on such opportunities is often contested by many, and the government suggests that this budget should be specified for more urgent needs.

Their arguments seem reasonable, but it is not practical and the importance of observing national events is comparable.

For example, these celebrations tell us who we really are, how our ancestors sacrificed to provide a better country, and how we are like the country.

As a child, I didn’t show much interest in Korean history until I figured out how people hold their day and how the whole country remembers the sacrifices of martyrs.

If we want future generations to remain with our nationality, we must celebrate an important national day.

The government already has disaster recovery plans and plans to use emergency funds.

Every major sector of one country already forms a large part of the national budget, and it is necessary to focus more on the careful use of funds for real development, rather than shifting funds from one sector to another.

To conclude, festivals are the basic right of people, and governments should always support such festivals, including religion and national gala, to prove that authority works for the public and not the festival. finally, such spending opportunities are essential. Ielts essay govt spends a lot of money on public events.

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