ielts speaking part 1 questions and answers and cue card on writer you want to meet

Part 1 speaking topic Friends: ielts speaking part 1 answers and cue card on the writer you like to meet.

How frequently do you hang out with friends?

Answer: I go out with a friend almost two or three times a week. It was more frequent in college, but these days I am busy with work or other responsibilities, so I can’t go out with friends or meet friends.

Who was your best friend at school?

A: At school, my best friend was John, and he’s actually still my best friend. He is a merciful, talented, and honest individual. We had ups and downs in school, but he was always there for me. He is currently an architect and works for a large company in the city. He married Maria, a girl from our university and happily married. I appreciate our friendship.

How well-disposed are you with your neighbors?

A: I have a good relationship with almost all neighbors except for some rude neighbor. We live in our area as if we were close relatives. There have been times when I asked for help when I needed it most. At every big event, they invite my family and we do the same. Despite our cultural, religious, and other differences, we are all good friends and I am lucky to find myself in such a beautiful neighborhood.

Friends or family members are most important to you?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer! I appreciate my family more than my friends. But that doesn’t mean that my friends don’t have a special place in my mind.

The family comes first and foremost. Everyone is responsible for family care and unconditional support. This also applies to friends, but the responsibilities and ties between family members are terrible. Some of our friends are very important, but some are not.

This is not true because everyone in the family is very important to me.

Part II Cue Card

Describe the author you want to meet.
Please tell me:

Who is the writer
What you already know about this writer
What you want to know about him / her
Explain why you want to meet this writer.

Joanna Rowling, more popularly known as J.K. Rowling, is a writer that I want to meet and spend time with. She is a British writer and producer on the famous Harry Potter series.

She was born on July 31, 1965, in Yale, England. In addition to writing, he is also a screenwriter, director, and researcher. She was hired as a researcher at Amnesty International in 1990 when she conceived an idea for Harry Potter due to a train delay. His fantasy series book Harry Potter attracted worldwide attention and sold over 400 million copies. He also worked as a producer on the Hary Potter film series. In addition to writing for children, I have written 4 books for adult readers. Time magazine ranked her first in 2007 as a person of the year and is currently the wealthiest person in the UK with a £ 160 million property. She is currently a mother of three and is married to Neil Murray.

What would you like to find on her? Interesting question! But to be honest, I want to know about his life and his daily interests. What she does, how to talk to the fan, whether to cook or not, with her children and her husband, what kind of clothes she wears, what kind of house she lives in and more. I also want to talk about his writing career, plans to write more fantasy children’s books, and motivation for writing. Finally, I want to know what kind of book he wants to read and what special qualities an ambitious writer should have.

She is my childhood heroine and I have always wanted to meet her. His book is very special to me and has helped me develop my imagination. Sometimes his book was a great inspiration for me. I want to know more about the creators of Harry Potter. The way it has influenced millions of children around the world is unmatched. I want to spend time with her and learn more about her living legend. ielts speaking part 1 answers and cue card on the writer you want to meet.

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