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IELTS Essay writing 2 Essay historical buildings should be preserved or not. Maintaining and protecting beautiful ancient buildings is important, even if it is expensive for the country.

Do you agree or not with this statement?

Historic buildings are a treasure for a country and should be preserved even if the government has to spend a lot on them.

I totally agree with this approach and my essay is explained in this article.

First of all, the old and traditional buildings have architectural significance.

Their sublime design attracts tourists and locals alike and is very rare in modern designs.

These historic buildings also give us the opportunity to learn about the glorious past.

The Roman Colosseum in Rome, for example, shows not only how wonderful the antiquities were, but also refers to the great arena used as a stadium.

Those were for the battle of gladiators and the seating capacity of the nearly 20,000,000 spectators.

It is a strong representation of Roman culture and civilization, which is deeply appreciated by modern historians.

In addition, historical monuments also act as tourist magnets in many countries.

In today’s world, many people plan a vacation in a place of historical significance because of the curiosity to learn more about the culture and traditions of the past.

Many nations benefit from these tourists, the tourism industry has grown in business.

For example, millions of tourists, including international tourists, visit the Taj Mahal in India every year.

This provides the government with huge profits and provides jobs for many locals, thus providing financial assistance to the government.

I think it is beneficial to spend money on ancient buildings because they have not only historical significance, but also economic colonel for many governments. IELTS Essay writing 2 Essay historical buildings preserved or not.

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