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international sports programs IELTS Writing Task 2 topic most discussed. Some say that international sports programs contribute greatly to world peace and stability.

To what degree do you agree or disagree?

In ancient times, sports were considered a teenage activity that was limited to parks and indoors.

While today sports have pushed boundaries and attracted national and international spectators and players.

So, there is no denying that sports have the power to unite the world and maintain global peace, and I totally agree with this view.

Undoubtedly, international level sports play an excellent role in the diplomatic relations between different countries.

Not all countries are at peace with each other for historical or political reasons. Admittedly, winning a battle in sport is not only excitement of joy and satisfaction but also brings nations together.

Moreover, global sporting events can be icebreakers as rivals of nations create a common platform for global leaders, organizations, and athletes to communicate in a more convenient and practical way.

A good example is the Olympic Games in which the whole world can be brought together and this has a positive effect on maintaining global harmony.

Moreover, sports provide a platform to liberate patriotic sentiments towards the country as well as stimulate high nationalist sentiments towards the country.

It is a creative way to display one’s patriotic feelings. Also, international sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games bring recognition to smaller countries.

For example, it is difficult to place the West Indies and Bermuda on the world map, however, they are known only because of the cricket teams that always participate in the Cricket World Cup.

To a large extent, sport is the only activity that conveys a clear message of peace and paves the way for increasing world harmony.

international sports programs IELTS Writing Task 2 topic. In conclusion, sports activity is the positive channeling of the kingdom that destroys negativity and brings peace and joy to the world.

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