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Essay Sample, IELTS Essay writing English language from native speakers”The best way to learn English is to learn with local teachers.” What do you think of this notion?

State your opinion and give reasons and examples to support your answer.

As an international language, English is already the world’s dominant language and English proficiency directly influences a person’s academic performance, professional development, and communication skills.

In this sense, people around the world are learning this language and it is controversial whether learning from a native tutor is the best approach.

 While direct guidance from a native English teacher can be very helpful, there are other better ways to learn that language, which I don’t think is the best approach.

Initially, a teacher in an English-speaking country serves his language on a daily basis and knows the context of a word, phrase, and grammar.

In a country like the UK, a teacher can guide a student to learn about the practical use of language, and the student can correct the student in a beneficial way since the order of a language requires more than just learning the sentence.

For example, the majority of non-indigenous students studying at a university in an English-speaking country become better English users with advice from native teachers.

However, consulting with native consultants is a way to learn English fluently, not the best. Self-study, exposure to English speakers and their culture, online language courses, devotion, and reading habits can be much more effective than being a good user of English.

For example, millions of self-made writers, journalists, and translators do not have access to English teachers.

In addition, the desire to learn a language can often make someone a better person in the language, and those people invest a lot of time learning to read through books and online resources.

For example, I went to a school where about one in five students came from English-speaking countries, but most of the composition awards were given in non-native.

To conclude, having a teacher in an English-speaking country is undoubtedly a great way to get better exposure to the language, but it is not the best way to become familiar with the English language.

From my experience so far, self-study, passion and digital resources are often the most useful. Essay Sample, IELTS Essay writing English language native teacher.

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