IELTS writing Task 2 Essay Sample Museums and art Galleries

Essay Sample IELTS writing Task 2 Museums. Museums and art galleries should focus on local works rather than showing the culture or function of other countries.

To what degree do you agree or disagree?

Museums and galleries have long been at the forefront of preserving and representing cultural values ​​and history, and have been used in almost every country for centuries.

However, it is questionable whether this should primarily represent the local culture or whether international collections should be exhibited.

Personally, traditional museums should focus on summarizing different cultures and arts, and the existence of a separate museum of objects from different countries will not spoil the national feeling.

Educating people about the history and traditions of the country is the first reason they visit museums.

It preserves important cultural specimens, crafts, objects and other things to be proud of the past and to help researchers dig deeper into history.

Mainly as a symbol of tradition, these museums must be built with things that one can be proud of as a country, not international art or sculpture.

For example, many national museums in Europe focus solely on preserving the country’s relics and objects and increasing their popularity among international tourists.

However, the concept of modern museums has changed significantly.

We now have the Air Museum, the War Memorial, the Motor Museum, the Computer Museum, and the Archaeological Museum and the list goes on.

You need to have an international collection to make this type of museum popular and useful.

The Australian Automobile Museum, for example, has collections from more than 20 countries and is suitable for this purpose.

Internationally acquired museums often attract tourists and can be a great way to enhance tourism.

Lastly, national and traditional museums should focus on national history and cultural tradition, but to be more active and popular, you also need a museum with international collections.

It does not decrease the need and utility of each other. Essay Sample IELTS writing Task 2 Museums.

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