ielts writing task 2 topics mixed nations develop quickly

ielts writing task 2 topics mixed nations develop quickly. The population of a country becomes more interesting and develops faster when nations are mixed.
To what degree do you agree or disagree?

Since the beginning of industrial industrialization, the ethnic areas of many developing and developing countries have changed significantly, and many Western countries have more heterogeneous populations than ever before. It is often said that this kind of diversity makes the country more attractive and they quickly succeed. I totally agree with this view and this paper will show how the country can benefit from the cultural awareness created by different nationalities and the different forces of different castes and nationalities.

Initially, the more diverse a nation is, the richer its culture will be. For example, hundreds of nationalities live in Dubai and this makes hundreds of different foods available across the country. As a result, Dubai has been called the “food capital” of the Middle East. In addition, Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world who will explore these cultural treasures. Therefore, the contribution of bringing different types of people makes the culture of the country more interesting.

In addition, many researchers agree that the strengths and weaknesses of people in different countries vary. For example, Singaporeans and other Asians are usually good at math, while Africans are known for their strengths. Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have used these strong parties of different races to become world leaders. Therefore, the benefits of citizens joining the country’s labor force are obvious.

In short, the mix of nationalities leads to the prosperity of cultures and the rapid progress of the country. It is hoped that more and more countries will benefit from such developments in the future. ielts writing task 2 topics mixed nations develop quickly.

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