Sources of getting news IELTS speaking Card and part 3 questions and answers

Describe different sources of obtaining the news. Sources of getting news IELTS speaking Card and part 3

You must say:

  • Do you like to get news daily?

  • What type of news you like national or international

  • What is your favorite source of getting news (newspaper, internet TV, radio,)

and fully explain how do you think is it important to get news daily?

Nowadays, we likely have greater assets of news than ever earlier than. It’s usually top to have preference and variety. TV information continues to be the most popular for numerous humans, despite the fact that perhaps my era receives their information more at the net than via conventional television channels.

My father nonetheless reads the newspaper every day, that is any other supply of news, and my grandfather listened to the day by day information on the radio.

TV, radio, net, and newspapers are the main ways of getting information. It relies upon the kind of information, however, national and global information seems mainly in the press and on television. Sources of getting news IELTS speaking Card and part 3 questions and answers.

 Different news might be extra non-public, as an instance, a phone call, and electronic mail or a letter, in a few cases. But it really is the simplest private news.

I tend to search for most of the news on the net. I visit numerous sites and my friends now and again send me net-links of news pages or articles that they suppose I might be interested in.

 I watch information films and read as well, however, I do not do get news every day, I am not like my father Рhe sits down every night at a fixed time to watch the news on television.

I generally check the headlines maybe after every two or three days, or if someone mentions something exciting to me then I try to discover what is happening.

Being updated with what’s occurring inside the international, your country, or maybe your city I assume is essential, more important for a few people than others, due to the fact you could still stay without too many issues in case you did not watch or concentrate to the news.

I mean, quite a few news is international which would possibly by no means definitely affect your existence, even some of the countrywide news may not have an impact on your lifestyles. However in case you are, for example, a CEO in a massive multinational firm then knowing what is happening might be important so you could make suitable choices about overseas investments and things like that. Sources of getting news IELTS speaking Card and part 3 questions with answers.

Discussion questions and answers

Do you believe the news you read on the net is dependable?

Commonly, yes, just as reliable as television news or newspapers. Statistics, rather than information, however, you can usually find an authentic site and research what’s considered to be good facts. There is a lot of garbage at the internet now and again, however on the whole, even in case you check a couple of sites and they basically say the same about the issue – then you are aware of it’s as reliable as almost any other source of statistics.

What is the handiest manner of having the news?

The best? I think that woulda radio or television if it shows a live program. Journalists can send photos and commentary immediately in a few cases – you cannot surely get it any quicker than that – as it’s going on – in some instances.

How effective is it?

I suppose in all likelihood the internet is the simplest because an information item on a site can be right away accessed by almost all people in the world. TV information packages or newspapers take extra time to prepare and organize and a lot of them do now not have worldwide reach.

How do you think newsmen gather facts?

They do a whole lot of research, interviews, and talk to people. Obviously it relies upon on what form of reporter we are talking about – some of them just interview human beings, either in man or woman or with the aid of phone perhaps – and that’s how they get their records. Other reporters go to places with a digital camera crew and they see what is taking place for themselves, after which document-based totally on what they have got researched and visible.

What do you think of the significance of privacy?

Related to information and things like that? I suppose if politicians or celebrities or well-known people who make their living via the media can’t assume to have general privacy in their lives. Really, it relies upon at the form of character they’re and what precisely they do – however you cannot be, for example, a well-known TV personality, and anticipate to get away the attention of the paparazzi. There were quite a few scandals although wherein information journalists and photographers have literally ‘invaded’ the lives of these people though – it may be a first-class line sometimes among being interested and in fact bothering or worrying a person with extreme attention all the time.

How do reporters entertain their readers?

I am not quite sure how they do. They could record on matters, or tell us approximately things, but entertain – it truly is no longer an expression I would commonly accomplice with journalists.

What function does the media play in people’s lives?

I assume it truly is a clearly private issue. Some people are obsessed by way of a celebrity, or perhaps a track artist or something like that, however, different humans don’t appear to care a great deal about the media. A few humans could argue that the media has lost its independence, it is now not impartial and manipulates records for his or her own time table. The majority have an idea that the media exists to inform us, however, others think that it’s far surely a propaganda machine.

What are some merits and demerits of various media?

Allow me to begin with the internet: it is on the spot, it is reasonably-priced, has global reach and you can pay attention, watch and read, so I think it is quite suitable. I cannot truly think about a drawback to it.

Television is right too, even though it’s now not as worldwide as the internet, and that I suppose it’s in all likelihood plenty more luxurious to supply television packages than a quick video on the internet.

Then there may be radio, that’s now not highly-priced and may reach humans in distinct components of the arena, and it may be immediately as nicely in phrases of reporting the news – so this is good. The big disadvantage of radio is that it is now not visual. Sources of getting news IELTS speaking Card and part 3 Qs and Ans.

Do you think information insurance need to be managed?

Controlled in what manner?

In case you suggest the content, no I don’t. Who has the right to manipulate what the humans see, examine or hear, if it’s miles the fact? Of route, it’s vital to make sure that kids aren’t exposed to stories of photographs of excessive violence and matters which may disillusion them, however that is the simplest sort of manipulate – a content warning – which I think is important.

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