Job satisfaction IELTS writing task 2

Job satisfaction IELTS writing task 2. When selecting a job, the pay is the most important factor for many. Others, however, choose different other faces of a job over the remuneration they garner.

In your judgment what are the most crucial prospects of a job?

It might appear oddball yet candid, but we cannot refuse that we do a job to make money so that we can put nutrients on the table for us and our folk. However, apart from the pay we earn, we also seek job gratification, growth chance, and social credit from our vocation.

To begin with, the pay is crucial because without it we will not be functioning for a company at all. Some people are always thirsty for money and would not waffle to switch their line of work if they are extended higher earnings. However, to others, occupation satisfaction is as important as it assures work-life balance and appropriates us to be glad in our workplace. Numerous people would not compromise on their job contentment for the money they are paid. Many moguls who relinquish from large companies to work for more belittled companies or to start their own companies are big cases of how much they merit job satisfaction over the pays they earn.

Moreover, the development chance is another face people often looked for in their vocations. ‘An average salary and a big career growth aspect’ is far greater than ‘higher earnings and no career development’ according to many experts, and they are wise enough to foresee the next than to seek only money. Finally, people often desire to be in a job that is appreciated and valued by society. For example, a few of my workfellows quitted high-paid private jobs to get government occupations only because that would give them social credit and I better understand the principle for their determinations.

In conclusion, apart from salary, job satisfaction which assures work-life equilibrium is also significant. Moreover, vocation development and social identification often cause us to select a job that contributes to us less money than we could, in reality, attain from other occupations. Job satisfaction IELTS writing task 2.

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