Describe a film ielts speaking part 2 cue card

Describe a film you would love to share with your friends. Describe a film ielts speaking part 2 cue card.

You have to say:
• where did you watched it
• what it was its theme
• who did watch with you and provide an explanation of why do you want to share it with friends.

‘Saving Private Ryan’- directed by Steven Spielberg, is the film I would like to look at once more. As I bear in mind I watched this movie approximately 12 years ago while I was in my school. This became a remarkable film with a compelling storyline, set during World War II. I loved this movie a lot and this changed into one in all the exceptional films I even have ever seen. I watched this movie on our DVD player with two of my friends. On a weekend I rented this film and invited Ali and Usman to watch it at our home.

This film tells the story of the invasion of Normandy in World War 2. It is taken into consideration an epic warfare drama film and it shows super pictures and depiction of wars. This is indeed the sort of film that most of the viewers are sure to like. This movie has got many superb criticisms and gained many global awards.

Personally, I appreciated it so tons due to its fantastic production, sensible portrayals of struggle, praiseworthy acting, high-quality casting, and historical significance. I consider that this film without difficulty qualifies to be indexed in someone’s all-time favorite films and looking it once more would not be less enjoyable via any means.

Ali and Usman are both operating complete-time– Ali as an attorney and Usman as an investment banker. A few months returned we hung out collectively and we agreed that we can experience time off collectively only for the old time’s sake. We additionally agreed that we can spend our time at home similar to what we used to do in our high school days. Then I proposed to pick a movie to see and subsequently we decided to watch this movie again. Describe a film ielts speaking part 2 cue card.

Personally, I am partial to Usman Spielberg movies and ‘Saving Private Ryan’ is one in each of his nice works. I am sure I will revel in this film once more with my near friends, as much as I did at a young age.

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