cold or hot weather you prefer IELTS part 1 speaking

  • Did you ever stay in extremely cold weather? When? cold or hot weather you prefer IELTS part 1 speaking. Yes, I have been in severe cold weather in the Naran-Kaghan. It is in the north of Pakistan, I went there last year with my friends during the winter holidays. The temperature was running in the minus those days, although it was a hard yet enjoyable experience. We all were wearing warm clothes, jackets, and overcoats but the weather was too cold for us.Ielts speaking part 1, part 1 speaking parks, speaking part 1 topic parks, speaking ielts part 1 topic parks,

    •    When the weather cold where you live?
    Well, in Sargodha, winter is moderately cold, just in January and December, the weather is a little bit cold. The temperature during these two months usually drops to under 10 degrees which are not battering. We really enjoy this comfortable-cold weather.
    •    Are some areas of your country colder than other parts? Why?

Yes, some areas like the north of my country are quite cold and in some parts temperature even drops below zero in the month of June. People from the south and the middle part of the country shift to the northern areas to escape the harsh summer.

•    What do you like a hot or a cold place? Why? cold or hot weather you prefer IELTS part 1 speaking.
Good question! I would prefer to live in a moderately cold place because I have been living in such an area secondly I do not like extreme whether hot or cold.

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