read and write place IELTS speaking cue card

Describe a place other than your home where you can read and write; read and write place IELTS speaking cue card.

Where the place is?

Do you go there with your friends?

And explain the reason why it is better than home?

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I think there is no place better than a library to read and write. There is a library near my home which is equipped with thousands of books on almost every topic. Whenever I need to read or write I go there usually with my friend.

These days I am writing a book on poetry for that I have to read a number of books. This library is connected with almost all the libraries of the world which helps to find any sort of book I need.

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Secondly, peace and calm prevail there in the library that is necessary to read or write.

I usually go to the library with my friend Hamid who is co-author of the poetry book which I am writing.

The library is better than at home because at home there is no calm and peace of mind. There is a buzz of family and gadgets. As I mentioned earlier for reading and writing you need a place where nobody disturbs you and you are focused on your task which gives a creative edge to your writing and reading. read and write place IELTS speaking cue card.

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