IELTS speaking part 1 Do you study in a university or college?

Do you study at a university or college? Well, I am studying at a college and its name is Government College Sargodha which is situated quite near to my home.

Is College studies different than that of school studies?

Yes, studying in college is quite a different affair because teachers are not too strict in college studies while school teachers are very strict. Secondly, college teachers are friendlier and they impart knowledge in a very unique way.

What is your major in college?

English literature is my main subject because literature is a reflection of life and gives you knowledge about what life is all about.

Why did you take that major?

Well, as I mentioned earlier if you want to have first-hand knowledge about what life is then you should study literature.

What is your favorite time of study?

I usually start my studies at midnight because at that time there is peace and calm atmosphere which helps to focus more and extract maximum knowledge from resources.

What is a better time for you to study morning or afternoon?

Well If I have to choose one then definitely I’ll choose the morning because at that time the mind is fresh and what you study lasts longer in the mind.

What helps you to study efficiently?

definitely, seclusion helps me to study with full concentration.

What do you prefer while studying long or short breaks?

I prefer short breaks because you stay connected with what you are studying and it gets easy to piece together the whole picture. Do you study at a university or college IELTS part 1 speaking?

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