IELTS speaking part 2 cue card and part 3 questions and answers

online shopping cue card and part 3 questions and answers. Describe an internet site you’ve bought something from.
You should say:

what the web site is?
what did you purchase from this website?
how satisfied you were with what you purchased? 
and explain what you liked and disliked about using this website?

I am not really much of a web shopper, primarily because I even have some trust issues with their products and business ethics.

Of course, an equivalent can’t be said about all the websites, which are selling products online, because a number of those e-commerce websites are really serious about their business.

Today, I might wish to mention one such website, from which, I even have recently bought a pair of shoes.

The name of this website is Now, there’s no need for an introduction of this website because we all know that Amazon holds the title of because the world’s largest (and one among the simplest also) online retailer and shopping website which started its operation within the year of 1995 within the garage of an individual called “Jeff Bezos” (the current owner and CEO) as online book store within the USA.

Since then, it didn’t really have the time to seem back. Today, with almost 200,000 employees, is simply as exotic and different because the Amazon and rainforest which sells virtually all types of products from books to gourmet food and from lawn mowing tools to pieces of jewelry. Anyway, I used within the past to shop for things, and recently I’ve bought that pair of shoes. But, whenever, I browsed the web site, I asked myself how big it could possibly become as far as its reach and operation was concerned. In fact, after buying that pair of shoes from there, I felt just like the website knew everything about the taste and preferences of its customers, regardless of where they lived.

Anyway, I liked the variety of features of the web site . for instance, the check-out, while purchasing the merchandise, was very easy.

In fact, it probably took me just 3 clicks to end the purchasing process with my MasterCard.

Besides, for each of its products, the web site published literally thousands of great reviews which certainly made it easy to make a decision on whether to shop for the merchandise or not.

So, it had been indeed an amazingly satisfying experience on behalf of me to shop for something from

Part 3 – Details discussion:
Discussion topic: “Shopping online”

Q. What sorts of things do people in your country often buy from online shops?

Answer: Online shopping has both become a fashion and a true thing in my country.

In fact, people in my country lately visit online shops first before brooding about going outside to shop for anything, as they will just about buy anything from the webshops.

Anyway, to be a touch more specific, things like clothing items, perfume, cosmetics, footwear, grocery items, sunglasses, electronic appliances, home appliances, TV, mobile, smartphones, and trendy items, among many other things, are usually bought from the webshops by the people in my country.

Q. Why has online shopping become so popular in many countries?

Answer: Online shopping has become so popular in many countries due to several reasons. the most reason, of course, is being convenient.

After all, buying something, which you actually like, from the comfort of your house is nearly always preferable to going outside and wasting valuable time on the road.

Besides, shopping online has become popular also because it can help people save a big amount of cash as many websites constantly offer and sell their products at a reduced price.

Finally, it’s become so popular because people can check and compare the costs of their products of choices relatively quickly and simply before making a choice.

Q. What are some possible disadvantages of shopping for things from online shops?
Answer: even as there are advantages to purchasing things from online shops, there are some disadvantages too. for instance, once we are buying something from online shops, the probabilities are that we aren’t actually getting all the proper information about the standard of the products.

In fact, in my opinion, without touching and feeling the products, remaining physically present during a shop, is an experience we’ll always miss when shopping online.

Besides, when shopping online, there always may be a chance that the products on online shops are over-priced and don’t appear as if the pictures that we see to make a decision to shop for an item. Data breach and MasterCard fraud are two other disadvantages of shopping online.

Discussion topic: “Online retail businesses”

Q. does one agree that the costs of all goods should be lower on internet shopping sites than in shops?

Answer: No, I can’t possibly consider many good reasons to accept as true with the suggestion that the costs of all goods should be lower on e-commerce sites than in shops.

Of course, businesses can always offer their products at a reduced price online so as to extend their online sales from time to time.

But, if they keep doing it on a daily basis, then the probabilities are that the people and customers, who don’t have any access to computer or internet (and trust me, still there are billions of such customers during this world), will definitely get on the losing side, apparently, because they won’t be ready to buy anything from online.

Moreover, despite no requirement for brick and mortar shops and no salesperson, e-commerce businesses spend an enormous amount of cash for advertisement and online marketing. So if they provide lower prices for all goods, it might be hard for them to run a profitable business at the end of the day. online shopping cue card questions and answers.

Alternative Answer: Yes, I agree that the merchandise prices of all online shops should be less than the physical shops. this is often because e-commerce business owners can run a webshop without renting a store, paying for utility bills, and without even having a salesman. Moreover, they will reach an enormous number of consumers who live distantly and every one of these aspects makes running an e-commerce store less costly . in order that they offer a reduced price for everything they sell online albeit many of these products are sourced from third parties.

Q. Will large shopping malls still be popular, despite the expansion of internet shopping?

Answer: Yes, in my humble opinion, large shopping malls will still be popular, despite the expansion of internet shopping.

After all, internet shopping doesn’t offer the chance to see and feel the products of our choices in real-time.

Besides, internet shopping also lacks the chance for entertainment and socialization (ie. sitting at a food court and enjoying some good food items while having fun with friends and families) among the people, aside from getting bent enjoy some fresh air, which might always motivate people to go to large shopping malls every now then.

Q. does one think that some businesses (e.g. banks and travel agents) will only operate online within the future?

Answer: Well, unless all the companies, shops and corporations within the world start to use ‘virtual money’, and unless all people within the world have access to a computer and thus the internet, businesses like banks and travel agents won’t be ready to operate online only. online shopping cue card questions and answers.Ielts cue cards, ielts cue cards 2020, ielts cue cards pdf free download, ielts cue cards 2020 pdf free download, ielts cue cards pdf, ielts cue cards 2019, ielts cue cards 2019 pdf, ielts speaking part 2 cue cards, ielts speaking interview cue cards collection, ielts speaking latest cue cards, ielts speaking task 2 cue cards, ielts speaking part 2 cue cards pdf, ielts speaking difficult cue cards, ielts speaking latest cue cards 2019, ielts cue cards latest 2020, But, realistically speaking, the likelihood of all people and every one business during this world, getting access to computer and internet within the future due to extreme poverty in many parts of the planet, is quite very slim, and therefore, some businesses would still get to operate offline to run their operation.

But, I do agree that more and more banks would operate online, besides having their physical branches, to let people do banking transactions online, especially in shopping cue card questions and answers.

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