IELTS speaking part 2 cue card you purchased for your home and part 3

Part 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card. cue card you purchased for your home IELTS part 2 part 3 speaking. [The topic for your talk is going to be written on a card which the examiner will fork over to you. Read it carefully then make some brief notes.]

Describe something you liked considerably which you purchased for your home.
You should say:
what you purchased when and where you purchased it
why you chose this particular thing
and explain why you liked it such a lot.

[You will need to mention the subject for one to 2 minutes. you’ve got one minute to believe what you’re getting to say. you’ll make some notes to assist you if you would like .]

[Examiner: All right? Remember you’ve got one to 2 minutes for this, so don’t be concerned if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. are you able to start speaking now, please?]

I have never really been much of an individual who cares what a home needs, and what it doesn’t. In fact, I leave those matters to the women of my home – ladies like my mother, sisters or sisters-in-law, except on some rare occasions.

Today, I might wish to mention one such occasion once I really liked something and purchased it, once I traveled to at least one of the tourist cities in my country few “a few couples of years ago.

The thing, I bought, was a bit of lovely artwork. By the way, I traveled to the tourist city because I wanted to ascertain my ailing aunt whom I hadn’t seen during a while. But, albeit, I visited to see my aunt, I just didn’t want to let the chance travel by to go to some beautiful spots therein city, alongside some very fashionable souvenir shops, which attracted many tourists not only from the local population but also tourists from abroad.

Anyway, after entering one such souvenir shop, my eyes got stuck on two beautiful paintings. one among the artworks was of a herd of deer, feeding themselves during a very relaxed mood near a mountain site. the topic of the opposite painting was a really beautiful sunset, overseeing the calm, blue water of an ocean, and a few beautiful looking maple trees on the seashore.

The artwork also contained the photographs of some flying birds which were seen to be racing the waves of the ocean. Needless to mention, I liked both the artworks, but finally decided to shop for the one with the gorgeous sunset because I assumed that it might perfectly match the inside painting of the front room of my home.

Anyway, I liked the artwork such a lot because it portrayed nature in such a gorgeous manner. I liked it especially due to its extraordinary depiction of sunshine and color combination. Besides, I liked it such a lot also because the sunset was presented during a very dramatic fashion as if it had been trying to renew its friendship with the ocean after a bumpy relationship between the 2.

Part 3 – Details discussion:

Discussion topic: “Creating a pleasant home”

Q. Why do some people buy many things for his or her home?

Answer: People say that there’s no better place during this world than the ‘home’ and that I agree. In fact, the house is the place where we spend most of our time in life, and thus, it’s only natural for people to shop for tons of things (even though, a “lot” maybe a comparative “term” here, in my humble opinion) to form the environment fun and cozy for living. But, of course, some people wish to buy many pieces of stuff for his or her homes because they see them as some symbols of upper status and recognition within the society, they live in. While some have an outsized family and that they simply need many things for his or her lifestyle.

Q. does one think it’s very expensive to form a home look nice?

Answer: No, I don’t necessarily think that it’s very expensive to form a home look nice, mainly because it’s a matter of taste and preferences of people. In fact, a really simple and cheap item can make a home look very nice if it matches the inside design and color combination of that home. Besides, there’s no such thing, which suggests that only expensive items make a home look nice, unless those expensive items themselves look nice, classy and stylish, and serve a specific purpose.

Q. Why don’t some people care about how their home looks?

Answer: In my opinion, we all are different, and that we all have different ideas about how our homes should look. But to be more precise, some people don’t care about how their homes should look because they’ll be too busy with their works and other priorities of life to specialize in such “trivial” matters. Besides, some people are just happy to ascertain their homes as an area to sleep and relax rather than considering it as some experimentation of decoration. Then, there’s another group of individuals, who don’t care about how their homes look, because they only don’t wish to spend any money on buying pieces of stuff that aren’t absolutely essential. cue card you purchased for your home IELTS part 2 part 3 speaking.

Discussion topic: “Different sorts of home”

Q. In what ways lives during a flat/apartment better than living during a house?

Answer: In my opinion, living during a flat/apartment is best than living during a house in several ways. First, living during a flat or apartment is far less expensive due to much lower rent (if we rent it) also the maximum amount of lower bills on cooling and heating the place. Secondly, living in an apartment has little or no or no maintenance cost unlike the homes, which require regular lawn mowing or cleaning the front yard/back yard. Finally, apartments and flats offer more safety (from thieves or unwanted intruders) because they continue to be closed from all sides, unlike a house that remains open from above.

Q. does one think homes will look different within the future?

Answer: Yes, I do think that homes will look different within the future, which would reflect within the changes in materials, we use, to create our homes. for instance, bricks and concrete would probably be completely replaced by aluminum sheets, timbers, fiberglass, and steels. Besides, conventional roofs can also get replaced by solar roofs so as to scale back the dependency on electricity and gas. More and more super skyscrapers would probably even be inbuilt a smaller landscape to accommodate more people during a relatively smaller area. Finally, more and more robots, which can be connected to at least one device in order that homeowners can found out a schedule for them to try to all the required house works. cue card you purchased for your home IELTS part 2 part 3 speaking.

Q. does one agree that the sorts of homes people prefer to change as they get older?

Answer: Yes, I do accept as true with the suggestion that the sorts of homes, people prefer, would change as they grow old, primarily because the requirements of older people are significantly different from that of the children, as far because the problems with their economic situation, physical and mental abilities and family support are concerned. for instance, a home should be easily accessible from all directions so as to facilitate their easy movement when people grow old. Besides, people would like homes with more open space with some quite gardening facilities so that they will keep themselves busy working within the garden in order to avoid becoming bored. cue card you purchased for your home IELTS part 2 part 3 speaking.

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