IELTS Task 2  Many students now have the opportunity to study in other countries

Many students now have the opportunity to study in other countries. Studying abroad may bring some benefits to some students but it also has a significant number of disadvantages. Discuss both sides of the argument and give your own opinion.

An increasing number of students are deciding to study overseas and many find the option very attractive. Whilst this is not something that every student would choose, it is, in my opinion, an extremely attractive proposition for those who would benefit from the opportunity.

Studying overseas has many advantages for students. Firstly, it would give students the experience of other markets, cultures, and perspectives. This means that those students with overseas experience would become more attractive to prospective employers operating in this increasingly globalized world. Secondly, studying and living abroad would provide students with the opportunity of acquiring a second language at a social and professional level. As a result, this would improve their contacts and employment prospects. Finally, the experience of studying and living in a foreign country ensures that students become more independent, self- confident and self-reliant.

 On the other hand, studying abroad could have some disadvantages in some circumstances. If students had to study in a second language, it could limit their performance and success in their chosen subject. Furthermore, for many students studying abroad would have no material benefit. For example, studying English in a non-English speaking country or taking some technical subjects may offer little benefit when compared to their home country.

 In conclusion, I believe that any disadvantages are heavily outweighed by the significant benefits that can come from studying abroad for those who could choose it. Not only would the experience gained from living in other countries be desirable to future employers but also gaining proficiency in another language only be a benefit to them in their future. IELTS Task 2  Many students now have the opportunity.

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